Novel DNA diagnostic technology in plant disease control using Septoria Tritici as a model


Cereals & Oilseeds
Project code:
01 March 1997 - 28 February 2000
AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds.
AHDB sector cost:
HGCA (£250,000 - project no. 1997)
Project leader:
B A FRAAIJE and D W HOLLOMON IACR-Long Ashton Research Station, Department of Agricultural Sciences, University of Bristol, Long Ashton, Bristol, BS41 9AF



About this project


This EUREKA! project involved 10 academic and industrial partners in four European countries. The general aim was to improve the scope of application of wheat and wheat-derived products (starch, gluten and bran) by improving the economy of wheat with respect to other crops. To achieve this objective the integrated production chain was studied to allow better definition of raw material and intermediate product characteristics with respect to end-use requirements.

The project was designed around three inter-linked themes with sub-tasks in each theme:

  • Theme I covered endosperm development, structure and fracture mechanics and both encompassed dry and wet processing technologies.
  • Theme II evaluated grain processing technologies and investigated use and upgrading of milling co-products.
  • Theme III investigated links between flour processing and product quality and the evaluation of the suitability of starch from new processing technologies in key applications.