Upward streak continues for deadweight cattle prices

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

By Hannah Clarke

In the week ending 6 June, GB deadweight cattle prices rose strongly again across the board. The all-prime GB price averaged 353.0p/kg, up nearly 8p on the week. The price is 9.1p above the same week last year, and 8.0p above the five-year average.

Weekly deadweight prime cattle average price movements:

  • Steers (overall): 352.6p/kg, up 7.8p
  • Steers (R4L): 362.8p/kg, up 6.9p
  • Heifers (overall): 354.0p/kg, up 7.8p
  • Heifers (R4L): 363.0p/kg, up 7.4p
  • Young bulls (overall): 351.6p/kg, up 9.0p

Estimated abattoir throughputs stood at 34,800 head for the week, up 3,500 head on the week.

Cow prices also continued upwards, although growth was slightly more subdued than that of prime prices. The overall average cow price totalled 251.6p/kg, while –O4L cows averaged 268.2p/kg; both measures up 4.4p on the week. The overall cow price is now 7.8p higher than last year and 6.9p above the five-year average.

Estimated cow throughputs for the week stood at 12,400 head, up 2,400 head on the week before. The previous week included a bank holiday, but considering price movements, it is likely that producers are looking to capitalise on stronger returns.

Good weather during the week reportedly boosted consumer demand for beef as BBQs were fired up, while the reopening of fast food outlets helped to support the cull cow trade.

See our coronavirus weekly retail tracker for the latest data on beef sales.

Hannah Clarke

Analyst - Livestock

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