The Cattle Hoof Care Standards Board (CHSCB)

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

It has long been recognised that, whilst the hoof trimmer is a pivotal part of the hoof health team, the lack of regulation within the hoof trimming profession presents many challenges.

In response to the identified need for change, The CHCSB was formed in 2016 with the aim of developing a set of Standards for professional hoof trimming, against which hoof trimmers could be audited.

This body is not intended to replace the National Association of Cattle Foot Trimmers (NACFT), but to complement the association by offering a repeatable quality assurance system. The Standards not only encompass hoof trimming but also the professionalism, biosecurity, health and safety awareness and record keeping of the hoof trimmer. The Standards themselves are evidence-based and will be updated and reviewed to ensure they always represent the latest best practice.

Trimmers are assessed against the Standards during an unannounced field-based audit, in much the same way as TB testing audits are carried out. The evidence base from the medical field shows that this method of auditing allows a much better assessment of normal working practices in comparison to a pre-arranged examination setting.

The development of the all-encompassing Standards and the introduction of spot-audits is an exciting step forward when it comes to raising and maintaining the standard of professional trimming. However, challenges will always remain until such a time as regulation becomes mandatory. In the meantime, we have a role to play in ensuring that all those trimming on our farms are trained, qualified and regulated.

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