No change to SY Cheer's status on the AHDB Recommended Lists (RL)

Monday, 8 April 2024

Today (Monday 8 April), UK Flour Millers (UKFM) announced a decision to delay the confirmation of a Group 1 rating for the provisional Group 1 bread-making winter wheat variety SY Cheer.

Initially, confirmation of its Group 1 status was expected in the spring.

The UKFM news release states that further testing is required before it can confirm SY Cheer’s Group 1 status.

AHDB is facilitating this testing by providing additional samples from Recommended Lists (RL) trials that are grown to a bread-milling specification.

It is hoped that this additional testing will be completed before the publication of the next edition of the RL (2025/26), which is due online in November.

Due to the delay, SY Cheer’s provisional status on the current (2024/25) RL remains unchanged.

Read the UKFM news release

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