Lower slaughter suppresses beef production in May

Thursday, 11 June 2020

UK beef and veal production in May totalled 67,700 tonnes, down 13% (10,300 tonnes) compared to May 2019. This is the lowest May production figure in four years.

Lower production was largely due to fewer slaughterings of both prime animals and cull cows. Carcase weights were also slightly lighter when compared to May 2019.

Production for the year-to-date (Jan-May) now stands at 372,800 tonnes, down 1% on the same period last year.

May 2020 key stats:

  • Prime slaughter: 155,600 head (-12% YoY)
  • Cow slaughter: 42,500 head (-14% YoY)
  • Prime average carcase weight: 346kg (-1% YoY)
  • Beef and veal production: 67,700 tonnes (-13% YoY)

Year-to-date (Jan-May) key stats:

  • Prime slaughter: 830,000 head (-1% YoY)
  • Cow slaughter: 251,800 head (-4% YoY)
  • Beef and veal production: 372,800 tonnes (-1% YoY)

Look out for the Agri-market outlook at the end of the month, where you will be able to see the forecast for production, demand and trade in the UK beef sector.

Hannah Clarke

Analyst - Livestock

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