Lamb price rises pick up pace

Thursday, 14 January 2021

In the week ending 9 January, the GB deadweight lamb price rose again, adding a further 32p to the overall SQQ measure, which averaged 518.6p/kg. This puts prices an impressive 68p higher than the same week last year. Some industry reports suggest higher prices still have been paid since then. 

Reports of delays at borders and confusion over paperwork are still widespread, although it is not clear if everyone generally has the same problems, or different shipments have problems of their own. Product is however still moving to the continent; demand from continental foodservice markets is still reported to be subject to short-term changes as Covid related restrictions continue to affect trade.

Total throughputs for the week ending 9 January are estimated to have been 213,900 head, down 11% on the same week last year.



In the week ending 13 January, the Liveweight NSL/OSL SQQ price rose by 21.5p on the week to average 265.41p/kg. Markets are necessarily imposing “drop and go” policies, to comply with lockdown rules, but throughputs for the week were still 112,475 head. Cull ewes averaged £86/head, nearly £7 more than last week.


Duncan Wyatt

Lead Analyst - Red Meat

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