How much is each cut of beef worth towards the total retail value of the carcase meat?

Friday, 17 April 2020

By Rebecca Wright

Fillet is the most expensive beef cut at retail level with an average price of over £30/kg, but how much fillet steak can be produced from each carcase?

The largest volume of meat from the carcase, commonly sold at retail, is mince. Although in volume at least 43% of the carcase is minced; in value it only contributes around £780/head* to the overall retail value of the carcase meat. At certain times even in a normal year, a higher percentage of the carcase may be minced, but if this happens for a prolonged period then the retail value of the carcase meat could be devalued.

At the other end of the scale, there is fillet which although only 2% of the volume, makes up around £200/head* of the retail value.

The meat from the carcase is approximately 75% of the total carcase. The remaining 25% is fat, drip loss, and bone. Although we have not discussed them here, these products have a value, as does the fifth quarter and hide.


*all per head values are based upon a 345kg carcase.

Rebecca Wright

Analyst - Red Meat

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