EU MCVE revised to reflect latest costs and composition

Thursday, 19 November 2020

By Felicity Rusk

The UK and wider Europe have recorded improvements in composition quality over the last couple of years. When comparing the latest 3-year average (2017-19) with the previous one (2015-17) used in our EU MCVE calculations, all regions have recorded an uplift in protein levels. The majority also recorded an uplift in average butterfat content, although both Denmark and Germany recorded very marginal declines.

We have updated our EU MCVE calculations to take into consideration the increase in milk solids. Such increases reducee the volume of milk needed for processed products, although in most cases, the shift is minimal.


We have also updated the cost of production, in line with the latest UK AMPE and MCVE review. This means moving labour and energy costs with movements in the unit costs in each country over the last couple of years.

Unfortunately, the EU Commission discontinued the product prices for EU individual countries in June. As such, we have switched to using the overall average EU product prices where available, rather than the country specific price.


The latest results, for October 2020, show Netherlands returning the highest milk price equivalent from cheese. Denmark and Germany are close behind, reflecting the higher constituents in these countries. The lowest MCVE in October was from Ireland. Although France has lower fat and protein levels than other countries, the return from Emmental has historically lifted them above the UK and Ireland.


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