Composition quality gains recorded across Europe

Thursday, 17 September 2020

By Felicity Rusk

UK milk solids production has continued to show year-on-year improvements in the first half of 2020, helping to improve yields of processed products. A similar trend has occurred in other major milk producing nations within the EU, though the extent of this uplift has varied between countries.


So far this year, Ireland has recorded the largest rise (+1.5%) in average butterfat content, when compared to the three-year average (2017-2019). The UK also recorded moderate growth, at 0.8%.  The rise in Denmark was more minimal, at 0.2%.

Though the increase in average butterfat of the UK was larger than those in some of the other nations, the UK sits mid-table for average butterfat content.


Ireland also recorded the largest rise in protein content (+1.6%) in the first half of the year, equal to the rise seen in the UK showing. The increase in the average protein recorded in the UK has helped to close the gap with Denmark and the Netherlands, where protein content is in nearer 3.6%.


Felicity Rusk

Analyst - Livestock

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