Challenges facing pork sector

Saturday, 16 October 2021

We are working with industry and the Government to address the challenges facing the pork sector.

Chairman of the AHDB Pork Board Mike Sheldon said: “With the unprecedented challenges being placed on the pork sector, AHDB is working with industry and government to identify ways in which we can all help levy payers during these difficult times.

“These challenges, in particular a shortage of skilled workers, come on top of pressure on margins largely due to rising feed costs. These issues are extremely concerning and therefore require industry-wide action to prevent the situation deteriorating into an animal welfare issue.

“AHDB is already undertaking work to help the sector, including providing independent evidence to Government setting out the seriousness of the situation, and looking at how together we can support meat processors to ease the supply of labour. Our insight into the sector crisis has helped open the door to approval for visas to 800 trained butchers and abattoir staff to alleviate the skills shortage.

“As well, AHDB’s wider approach has resulted in the AHDB Pork Board agreeing to a one-month levy holiday in November 2021, to help ease the burden of the financial pressures faced by levy payers, which has been agreed by Ministers.”

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Image of staff member Mike Sheldon

Mike Sheldon

Board Member and Pork Sector Chair