Beef and Sheep Grazing Groups

Friday, 30 August 2019

AHDB Beef & Lamb has been working with a group of consultants and advisers to establish grazing groups for beef and sheep producers throughout England.

Discussion groups are a great way for farmers to learn from their peers about how they can improve their grassland management. Each grazing group consists of around 15 members who wish to improve their performance and are willing to share a range of experiences.

Members take ownership of the group by contributing financially to its running and the information generated is private and specific to them. Grazing groups typically meet 3–4 times per year, with each member hosting a visit in turn to their farm. Typically, the host provides the group with one example of successful progression and two examples of issues which they hope to resolve by consulting with the group.

The huge wealth of knowledge and experience within a small group of farmers can promote positive thinking around making changes to the farm business. Members are revisited to measure and assess progress with the advice given at previous meetings. This process gains momentum over time, accelerates motivation and learning and develops hunger for knowledge. It is heartening to witness the willingness of original members of the group to help new members and exciting to see the changes achieved in both the farm businesses and the outlook and character of the members.

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Article is by Charlie Morgan