Staying positive helps achieve positive results

Having a positive attitude and confidence in your abilities means you know how to manage your thoughts and behaviours to keep them focused on the results you want to deliver.

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We can’t control everything, but we are always in control of our thoughts. Negative thoughts and worries leave less space in our minds for thinking clearly, making good decisions and solving problems.

Replace negative thoughts with those about what you can do and what you can influence. This helps you become more productive. When dealing with challenging situations, think about how you will tackle them. Visualise what success looks like and focus your time and effort on this.

Remember that trying new things and making changes on farm can be challenging. So, when the going gets tough, stick with it. Successful people know that they do not always get it right and they accept failure as a part of learning.

The most important thing is to review every success – and every failure – and learn from it. Share your experience with others and tell them your story. This will help you to think through what you did well and what you need to do differently next time.

It is only when we take the time to reflect, that we realise how far we have come.

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