Managing dairy cow calving during drying-off

The dry period ends once the cow has calved so calving and drying off must be managed at the same time. Find out how to care for your cattle at this important time.

Calving management

Good environmental management for calving cows is essential to prevent new udder infections. Read more about how to care for your calves, including minimising stress and bacterial exposure and calving locations.

Calving management around drying-off

Monitoring calving period outcomes

Identifying clinical cases of mastitis and their cure rates should be considered when monitoring calving period outcomes. This allows you to make better informed decisions for the future.

Find out how to monitor calving period outcomes

California milk test for dairy cows

Testing each udder quarter individually using the California milk test gives an indication of raised somatic cell counts. Find out how to perform the test and what equipment you will need.

California milk test

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