Helping you predict the pattern of mastitis on your farm, react with resources and optimise ongoing mastitis control.

Mastitis is one of the most important and costly diseases on dairy farms. With a new decade and new challenges like antimicrobial resistance upon us, there is even more reason to focus on improving control of mastitis on dairy farms.

QuarterPRO is a new initiative that aims to help you achieve continuous improvement in mastitis control and udder health on farm leading to more saleable milk, higher milk quality, improved cow welfare and less antibiotic use.

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What is QuarterPRO?

Vet James Breen explains the three steps of the QuarterPRO approach and how it can help farmers and vets to control mastitis cases on farm:

  • Step 1 - Import your milk recording data (somatic cell counts and clinical mastitis cases) into AHDB’s Mastitis Pattern Analysis Tool which indicates the predominant area of infection e.g. environmental occurring in the lactating period.
  • Step 2 - Use the appropriate AHDB resources to put in place targeted control measures depending on your type of pattern - environmental lactationenvironmental dry period or contagious mastitis
  • Step 3 - Optimise mastitis control by discussing the pattern on a regular basis, ideally with your vet and advisor each quarter.

Although anyone can use QuarterPRO a map of BCVA accredited QuarterPRO advisers can be found here - scroll down to reach the map.

Learn more about QuarterPRO in our factsheet

What can QuarterPRO achieve?

Dairy farmer Austin Russell discusses how using the Mastitis Pattern Analysis Tool helped him identify when the majority of mastitis infections occurred on his farm, how he addressed the underlying mastitis issues in his herd and the benefits this had.

Useful tools & resources to help you review your mastitis pattern

Our Mastitis Pattern Anaysis Tool helps farmers make better decisions about mastitis management in their herds. The tool identifies problem areas and potential risks to udder health and gives farmers and vets a way of tracking progress in the herd by:

  • Analysing data from your individual herd
  • Producing a report on the pattern of mastitis on your farm
  • Identifying the predominant mastitis infection pattern present on your farm

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Controlling mastitis through selective dry cow therapy

Vet James Breen looks at how to select cows suitable for selective dry cow therapy using records of history of mastitis and somatic cell count.

James Breen looks at the protocol to correctly administer sealant and antibiotic dry cow therapy tubes safely and effectively.

BCVA QuarterPRO Adviser Accreditation Training

An online training course is available for vets and advisers who wish to become accredited as BCVA recognised QuarterPRO advisers. Register here.

Materials referred to in the course can be accessed here:

Materials for BCVA accredited QuarterPRO Advisor training course