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April 2024

  • Genomic proof releases every week, increased from twice a month.
  • HGR Bulk download. For third-party HGR users with access to multiple herds, we can now provide a bulk download of evaluations on both the £PLI bases and the £SCI/£ACI base. The files contain the same traits as individual HGR download but will contain all accessible herds in each download. For anyone interested in this service, please contact Daniel.Pitt@ahdb.org.uk for further details.
  • UK Hoof Health Registry. Cattle lameness has been described as one of the largest challenges facing the dairy industry. Please consider sharing your foot trimming data to help improve the Lameness Advantage genetic evaluation and improve the hoof health of the UK herd. Click here for extra information and registration.
  • Annual rolling base change has been implemented, download the factsheet on the Dairy breeding and genetics homepage.

December 2023

  • Genomic proof releases twice a month, increased from once a month.
  • Genomic fees implemented, for more information please see the terms and conditions.
  • Genetic workshops were hosted between August and November. The workbook used in these workshops is now available online.
  • Third-party webinar hosted to help farmers to make the most of their dairy herd's genetics.
  • Ayrshire and red reports have been simplified, separating Pure Ayrshire reports from combined lists. In combined lists, a filterable "purity" flag has been added to distinguish between bulls. Please see reports for the criteria required for a bull to be considered "pure".

April 2023

  • Proven bull reports have been simplified for Holstein and Jersey. UK proven and international (proven) bulls are now displayed on the same report with a filterable 'UK Proven' flag.
  • Annual rolling base change has been implemented, download the factsheet on the Dairy breeding and genetics homepage.

December 2022

  • Genomic Inbreeding is now live! Find out more here.
  • Guernsey genomic female results are now published. Including females in the reference population has resulted in significant enhancements to the genomic prediction for the Guernsey breed and improved the reliability in male and females evaluations.
  • Top Guernsey Genomic £PLI Heifers are now published. Adding to the Top Genomic £PLI Heifer lists that are already available for Holstein, Friesian, Jersey, and Ayrshire breeds.
  • Top Holstein Genomic Heifer Herds are now published. The top 25 herds that genotype at least 75% of their youngstock will appear on this list ranked by average £PLI calculated from the genomic heifers' evaluations.
  • Conversion files are available for direct download. These convert country-of-origin proofs to the UK base (£PLI/£SCI/£ACI) if no UK evaluation is currently available. HOL⇔FRI conversion files are also available. Relevant conversion are found on each breed-specific £PLI page, e.g. Holstein