Be ready for good weather

Grass growth rates are very varied across the country but generally slower than in previous years, and grass looks a lot worse than analysis suggests, says LIC consultant Sean Chubb.

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However, he adds that utilisation is high and residuals are even. “Some farmers are needing to adjust their allocations slightly as residuals are over 1,600 kgDM/ha – probably due to the higher dry matter in the grass than what is being measured,” he says. 

“I’ve been telling my clients to keep monitoring and measuring their grass weekly against their spring rotation planner, as growth is going to jump when the good weather comes. If they aren’t measuring and monitoring, they could struggle to clear the area to complete the first round.”

Sean adds that in another couple of weeks, farmers need to look to blend the last of their first-round grass with the start of their second-round grass. Yet, he feels it is too soon to predict any trends for this season.

“If people use this fine weather and achieve residuals 1,500 kgDM/ha within the first round, they will be able to carry better quality through into their second and third rounds. Through this, there should be more milk in the grass heading into summer.”

a group of cows grazing in a field