Farm Excellence: Cereals & Oilseeds

A nationwide network of Monitor and Strategic Farms, bringing together farmers and researchers to discuss and share new ideas, issues and challenges on a range of agronomic and business topics.

Cereals & Oilseeds Monitor Farms help you compare your farm with similar businesses, learn from each other and find areas to improve. Monitor Farms bring together groups of like-minded farmers to discuss locally-relevant topics and work on business, technical and personal development.

Strategic Cereal Farms test and demonstrate research or best practice in a commercial environment. Our host farmers and growers help to drive the technical and strategic development of the industry throughout the six years of the project.

Join an event at one of our growing network of Farm Excellence farms, or get in touch if you’re interested in becoming our next Monitor or Strategic Farm host.

Farm Excellence: Ten things you need to know

The Farm Excellence network covers all six sectors. Find out how you can get involved and the benefits it can bring.

How to get involved

Explore the Farm Excellence network, browse the next event with one of our host farmers, or catch up with the latest online meetings and webinars.

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