Strategic Cereal Farms

Our Strategic Cereal Farms put cutting-edge research and innovation into practice on commercial farms around the UK. Learn about the aims of these farms and access information about the hosts and the latest results-based events.

About our Strategic Cereal Farms

  • Our Strategic Cereal Farms test research and innovations over a six-year programme
  • The commercial farms host short-term and long-term field and farm-scale demonstrations
  • The farm hosts share their experiences and farm-performance information openly and honestly
  • With a combination of on-farm and virtual events, the programme is designed to share messages to help benefit your farm business
  • There are plenty of opportunities to ask questions and speak to advisors

Meet the Strategic Cereal Farm hosts

Rewind: Strategic Cereal Farm week (winter 2021/22)

Missed Strategic Cereal Farm Results week?

All the webinars have been recorded and now available on the links displayed below. They will share the latest results and findings alongside hearing from the Strategic Farm hosts, industry experts and researchers.

In-field flower strips (Monday 15 November 2021)

Managed lower inputs (Tuesday 16 November 2021)

Cover and catch crops (Wednesday 17 November 2021)

Cultivations (Thursday 18 November 2021)

Marginal land (Friday 19 November 2021)

How to get involved

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Image of staff member Philip Dolbear

Philip Dolbear

Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager - Cereals and Oilseeds

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Image of staff member Fiona Geary

Fiona Geary

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Cereals and Oilseeds

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