Cereals and oilseeds webinars

Cereals and oilseeds webinars

Join a virtual Monitor Farm or Strategic Farm meeting from the comfort of your own home or office. Hosted by AHDB, featuring industry experts and farmer experience, these webinars give you the chance to hear the latest insight and discuss hot topics of the day.

Upcoming webinars

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Previous webinars

Characteristics of top-performing arable farms: 31 May 2019

  • Key factors differentiating the top performing arable farms
  • Farmers’ top tips for success
  • How to start recording your farm’s performance

What can we learn from organic farming? 10 May 2019

AHDB Strategic Cereal Farm host Rob Fox and organic farmer John Pawsey on what conventional farmers can learn from organic farming principles.

Crop yields and how to maximise potential: 19 March 2019

During this webinar with Sarah Kendall and Richard Wainwright we will be exploring how you can understand and analyse your crops' performance, including factors that could be limiting yields, and provide you with some of the tools you need to start closing the gap between theoretical and actual yield.

Labour and machinery: 6 March 2019

Is machinery for farming or farming for machinery? Discuss how to get the correct balance for your business, with AHDB machinery guru Harry Henderson.

Soil health: 5 February 2019

Blair McKenzie, James Hutton Institute give a scientific perspective on inversion versus non-inversion cultivation. Blair is joined by Robert Fox who adds to discussion with his experiences as the AHDB Strategic Farm West host.

Crop nutrition: 17 January 2019

Investigating the challenges around correlating crop nitrogen requirements with yield, with Pete Berry, ADAS, and David Bell, Fairfield Farms.


Taking control of your grain marketing: 20 December 2018

Whether you're doing grain marketing yourself or employing an agent, join us for this webinar where we'll aim to help you make better marketing decisions. We'll be led by James Webster, AHDB Senior Market Analyst, and Bill Gray, Prestonhall Farms and AHDB Lothians monitor farmer. 

Farming post-subsidies: 22 November 2018

Nick Pyke, FAR talks to Martin Williams, Hereford Monitor Farm host, about how the New Zealand arable model has evolved since the removal of subsidies in 1985.


Succession: 25 October 2018

Heather Wildman, Saviour Associates will give hands-on and practical advice to help farming businesses create a succession plan. Heather will be joined by Russell Price, Hereford Monitor Farm host. 

Getting a step ahead by using farm business analysis tools: 24 April 2018

In this webinar Philip Dolbear and Martin Williams discuss how to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with your lender. The hour long session explains basic skills and tools which can be used to review, analyse and interpret your own farm business tax and management accounts.