Farm Excellence: Beef and Lamb

Our network of 15 Strategic Farms and four Monitor Farms open up their businesses to share best practice, practical demonstrations of the latest research and advice from AHDB and networking opportunities through our discussion groups.

Throughout the year, our farmers host on farm and digital events giving you access to industry experts and a network of like minded farmers. Topics for discussion include grass and forage, animal health and welfare, genetics, farm performance and much more. After attending an event there’s also more support for you via links to our knowledge library, podcasts and recordings so you can catch up in your own time before planning and putting the advice into practice on your farm.

Like many beef and lamb farmers, our Stratgic and Monitor Farms represent a diverse mix of farming systems located across the country, all with experience of different land typography, rain fall and soil type.

Farm Excellence: Ten things you need to know

Welcoming our new Monitor Farms

Due to its ongoing success, our Farm Excellence programme has expanded. We've recruited an additional four new beef and lamb farms in England. They are:

  • David Cross of Glovers Farm, Norfolk
  • Ian Farrant of Underley, Herefordshire
  • Rob and Liz Priest of Kingsford Farm, Devon
  • Harry Sordy of Alnham Farm, Northumberland

Make sure to update your contact details and subscribe to Ruminant News, our twice yearly magazine and ENews, our monthly email newsletter. The Monitor Farms join the 15 existing Strategic Farms in the project.

2019 Strategic Farms:

  1. Adrian Coombe, Cornwall
  2. Chris and Louise Elkington, Lincolnshire
  3. Neil Brown, Shropshire
  4. Richard and Laila Carruthers, Cumbria
  5. Steven Lawson, Northumberland

2021 Monitor Farms:

  1. Harry Sordy, Northumberland
  2. Ian Farrant, Herefordshire
  3. Rob and Liz Priest, Devon
  4. David Cross, Norfolk

Meet our Beef and Lamb host farms

Advice, guidance and best practice from Beef and Lamb

Why we became Farm Excellence hosts

Meet our Knowledge Exchange team and find your local KEM

If you have any questions, please contact your local Knowledge Exchange Manager (KEM).


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Samantha Charlton

Head of Knowledge Exchange – Beef & Lamb

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Sarah Pick

Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager - National - Beef & Lamb

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Emma Steele

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Beef & Lamb

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Leah Shanks

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Beef & Lamb

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