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Behind-the-scenes of our 'Mix Up Midweek with Perfect Pulled Pork' campaign

Today we speak about our latest campaign, 'Mix Up Midweek with Perfect Pulled Pork', designed to increase pork shoulder sales and ensure pork is on everyone's shopping list.
Pig producers, have you ever wondered how much of your levy is invested in marketing and simply why? John Bates welcomes key specialists, who divulge into how we work with stakeholders, influencers, retailers and food specialists to ensure the campaign is a huge success:
  • AHDB’s Senior Marketing Manager, Gareth Renowden, 
  • Senior Account Manager, Stasha Napior-Kowska and 
  • Denise Spencer-Walker Food Communications Manager

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Read more about the #PulledPork campaign Request for a butchers kit Visit the Love Pork website for recipe inspiration We'd love to hear your feedback on our podcasts


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