The 18 tonne dry matter challenge: Devon

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25 April 2019

10:45 AM - 2:30 PM

Ditchetts Farm, Long Drag, Tiverton, Devon

EX16 5NG

Join us and Dr George Fisher for our fourth strategic farm meeting at Ditchetts Farm to find out how the Tucker family can rise to the challenge of maximising grass production.

Recent studies show huge variation in the performance of individual paddocks on the same farm, with grass growth varying by 280% between the highest and lowest performing paddocks.

Ditchetts Farm shows a noticeable variation, with over 5t DM/ha difference across the grazing area. So with grazed grass valued at £110/t, they can’t afford not to address the shortfall in underperforming paddocks. Can you?

Dr George Fisher

Dr George Fisher is an Independant Grassland consultant with both an academic and commercial background. A former British Grassland Sociecty President, he has published many papers and is currently working with ADAS as part of the Grass YEN project which focuses on increasing grassland yields.

At the meeting

We will be using Ditchetts Farm’s current grass growth performance figures, soil analysis and in-field assessments, alongside current research, to challenge its capacity to grow more grass and improve their milk-from-forage figures. Join us to discuss how the grass growing potential of your farm can be realised, starting from the soil upwards and setting targets for the season ahead.

We will also review the current technical and financial performance against AHDB’s newly revised optimal dairy systems defined key performance indicators (KPIs) for all block-calving systems.

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Please bring a clean pair of wellington boots to help with the biosecurity and out of respect to the host’s farm business.

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