Monitor Farm walk: Petworth

Past Event - booking closed

6 June 2019

10:00 AM - 1:45 PM

Medhone Barn, Blackhouse Lane, Petworth, West Sussex

GU28 9NZ


  • Registration 10 -10:30 Coffee/ tea
  • Welcome and introduction 10:30
  • G. Chandler Farming Ltd. tour and discussions 10.50

Mark Chandler, Richard Chandler and Stuart Martin

Main Objective – to develop the arable operation so it can and financially and ethically sustain itself in the future.

Speaker: Prof. Richard Pywell (Science Area Head - Biodiversity ) Centre of Ecology and Hydrology. He will discuss the Assist Experiment, which the Petworth Monitor Farm is undertaking, discussing: 

  • What the experiment is and the objectives?
  • Beneficial integration of biodiversity with intensive farming.
  • How it can benefit our crops
  • Results so far.

Main Aims of the Assist Experiment:

  1. Developing new ways to grow food without causing unacceptable environmental impact
  2. Increase efficiency of food production
  3. Improve resilience to extreme events
  4. Reduce the environmental footprint of agriculture

Farm tour to include following as either a site visit or discussion point:

  1. Soils, breakcrops & rotations/crop establishment - (Soya and oilseed rape)
  2. Drill and crop establishment trials (see below) - review of the crops drilled

The crop establishment trials at Moor Farm:

  • Six plots, 2ha each, two tramlines wide
  • Three plots undisturbed
  • Three plots cultivated 
    • Simba SL cultivator straight after combine
    • Vaderstadt Carrier Disk
    • Weaving LD

Half of each plot was drilled with Skyfall (Wheat) to a depth of 2.5cm with a Horsch drill (tines) and half with a Sky Easy Drill (discs)

YEN – Strategies for profitable and consistent yields. YEN entry – (Wheat) variety illustrious Grp 1 Milling

Cover Crops building nutrients, (Integrated Pest Management) Grass. Weeds, b’grass husbandry

Integration of Countryside Stewardship / NELMS (water management, Carbon footprints)

Biostimulant trials (Reducing chemical dependency / variable costs.)

The Biostimulant field trials at Moor Farm utilising Terra Sorb folia plus on winter wheat, oilseed rape, spring barley:

  • Field scale trial – with fields split for treated and control
  • Normal husbandry regime versus additional biostimulant added regime

Introduction to the product:

Terra Sorb folia plus It’s derived entirely from a vegetable source. The amino acids are extracted using a unique process which prevents damage/destruction of any of the amino acids Timing of application- from GS 30 & yellow bud on OSR.
It contains L-amino acids present in their biologically active L form, + other bioactive compounds that act in synergy to stimulate the physiological processes of plants.

  • Free Amino Acids........9 % w/w
  • Total N ........................ 6 % w/w
  • Organic matter........ 20% w/w

Event summary finish & lunch 13.45 (Paul Hill)



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