Cumbria: Moorhouse Hall Farm strategic farm launch

Past Event - booking closed

Tuesday, 07 November 2023

10:00am - 2:00pm

Moorhouse Hall Farm, Wigton, Cumbria


Join us, in partnership with the Bailey family, for the launch of our new strategic dairy farm. The event will include a farm walk as well as talks on genetic improvement programmes and their partnership with First Milk.

Moorhouse Hall Farm, in Wigton, Cumbria, is run by the Bailey family. Boasting an impressive calf mortality rate, 3,500−4,500 litres of milk from forage, a 20-20 herringbone milking system and genomic testing for superior genetics, the Bailey family are committed to continuous improvement of their already high performance.

The day will include

  • A presentation by a representative from First Milk discussing its partnership with the strategic dairy farm, as well as benefits and opportunities for farmers in the network
  • An overview of genetic improvement programmes for dairy farming and how genetics can enhance the farm's productivity and sustainability
  • A farm walk and guided tour of the facilities. This includes observations and discussions on: dairy housing and management practices; feeding and nutrition strategies; milking parlour and equipment; animal health and welfare initiatives; and environmental sustainability practices
  • A discussion of the farm’s goals, objectives and challenges as part of their vision for the next 3 years followed by a question and answer session

About Moorhouse Hall Farm

The Moorhouse Hall herd comprises 100 Holstein cows, who are genomic tested for superior genetics and follow an autumn calving cycle. Spread across 130 acres of land, the farm champions multi-cut silage practices creating an impressive 3,500−4,500 litres of milk from forage, the farm and are proud partners with First Milk.

As a strategic dairy farm, Moorhouse Hall farm are committed to continuous improvement. Their current goals include:

  • Soil health and nitrogen use: Exploring multi-species swards, reducing nitrogen usage and considering zero-till practices, along with the integration of red clover
  • Crops: Eager to experiment with new crops to strengthen our farms resilience
  • Genetics: Focusing on sustainable genetics, including the development of %milk solids and maintenance
  • Farm infrastructure: Expanding our farm infrastructure with plans for a slurry store, calf building, silo, clamp, cow track and midden roof

Book now to be part of this day, focused on strengthening our dairy farming community, sharing wisdom and exploring the future of our beloved industry.

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