Remuneration Committee

The Board operates a Remuneration and Nominations Committee which has the responsibility to (i) Advise Defra on the Remuneration of AHDB Board Members; (ii) set the remuneration for the Sector Board Members; (iii) advise the Board, in consultation with Defra, on the performance objectives and remuneration terms linked to these objectives for the AHDB Chief Executive; (iv) advise the Board on the total remuneration packages for the senior managers in the AHDB Group, including pay benefits and pension arrangements.

Board Remuneration

AHDB Board Members’ remuneration is based on a day rate of 307 (set by Defra) which is calculated into an annual fee, using amortised historical data. Board Members are paid monthly in arrears. The annual rates are as follows:

  • Sector Chairs - 32,000 per annum for a minimum of 104 days per year)
  • Independent Members - 11,100 for a minimum of 36 days per year

Board members are also able to claim reasonable travel expenses.

The AHDB Chairman’s remuneration is set by Government and is an annual fee of 50,000, paid monthly in arrears for a minimum of 104 days per year.


CEO Remuneration

The Chief Executive and Accounting officer of AHDB, who joined the organisation on 1 February 2015, is paid an annual salary of 130,000.


Senior Manager Remuneration

The remuneration of the AHDB Leadership Team who are responsible, with the Chief Executive, for managing AHDB's operations are published in July each year in the AHDB Annual Report and Accounts.