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30 January 2023

Six exporters from across the UK will attend the Annual Meat Conference in Texas to showcase red meat products from the UK.

21 November 2022

In December, we will be visiting Ho Chi Minh for the 2022 edition of Food and Hotel Vietnam (FHV)

9 November 2022

Red meat buyers in the all-important US market will have the chance to sample pork from the UK at an AHDB event in Miami

7 November 2022

Pork exporters from the UK recently explored the many potential opportunities in the Chilean market during an outward mission hosted by AHDB.

3 November 2022

Despite challenges over the last few years, export remains critical to the pork sector, and in the first seven months of 2021, shipments, at nearly 225,000 tonnes, had recovered to pre-pandemic levels.

2 July 2020

Talking about the current market conditions, trading opportunities and how exporters in the UK can export red meat successfully

7 December 2023

This event will present the global export outlook for UK Agriculture, exploring where the international opportunities are and how we can turn them into commercial reality