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13 October 2020

A good drainage scheme installed over 30 years ago, on what became a 64 ha grazing platform, allowed Cheshire farmer, Phil Asbury, to turn cows out in February. But he has learned that the key to keeping a long grazing season (stock can stay out until late November) and help heavy land to dry out quicker, is regular maintenance of ditches and outfalls.

9 October 2020

For those thinking of on/off grazing to avoid poaching the platform in wet weather this autumn, remember that it works best when cows have an edge to their appetite. This changes their eating habits and they graze for longer, points out LIC consultant Sean Chubb.

2 October 2020

Joey Malone helped start a new 650-cow spring-block herd near Lockerbie three years ago, after working in New Zealand, and says he’s learnt a lot about managing grass in proper Scottish wet weather.

9 October 2020

Well-drained soils lead to earlier turnout, more grazing days and higher grass yields. After a year of weather extremes, walking the platform this winter to see where it lies wet and analysing grass-growth records from underperforming paddocks will help locate any drainage issues.

28 September 2020

The SUPER-G project is a European wide project aiming to work with farmers and policy makers to develop sustainable & effective permanent grassland systems. Aims of this project include optimising productivity, supporting biodiversity and delivering a number of other ecosystems services.

28 September 2020

Join the GrassCheckGB team for a webinar on ‘Rotational grazing: principles, practices and tips’. The speakers are James Daniel, Founder and Director of Precision Grazing; John Frizzell, Business Development Manager for Datamars Livestock UK and Dane de Boorder, Youngstock and Grazing Manager for Pomeroy farm who are a part of GrassCheckGB. The conversation was chaired by Nia Davies, Hybu Cig Cymru (HCC) – Meat Promotion Wales.

28 September 2020

Join GrassCheckGB and Elizabeth Stockdale, NIAB for a webinar on focusing on the importance of soil health for grassland productivity. Soil is the basis of every grassland system and aiming to constantly improve soil health will pay dividends in grassland productivity. Knowing and correcting soil pH alone can reduce the risk of yield loss, which can be up to 20%.

25 September 2020

Michael Skinner outwinters nearly 1,400 Highlander ewes and ewe lambs without concentrates at his farm in Leicestershire. Now going into his 10th year outwintering, Michael says the key to success is the breed and foraging ability of the ewes.

14 September 2020

AHDB is supporting a panel discussion with the British Grassland Society, on practical advice for establishing herbal leys in 2021 and beyond

28 August 2020

As herd manager for Lydney Park, Keith Davis has been growing and measuring grass for the past 12 years but has found this year’s weather ups and downs tiresome.

25 August 2020

Following the prolonged dry weather this summer, AHDB conducted a fodder stock survey, which aimed to collect information on the current stock levels across the UK. There were 110 responses, with the majority of respondents living in the South West of England.

21 August 2020

This manual looks at establish and growing clover for livestock. The cost of production per kilogram of liveweight gain or litre of milk is a major consideration for all livestock producers. One of the best ways to improve efficiency and increase profitability is to produce more feed on the farm, rather than buying it in.