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1 June 2021

What you need to know about the lump sum payment and delinked payments.

9 September 2021

In this article we look at how cereals and oilseeds production systems and costs vary between the UK and Australia.

9 September 2021

Analysis on the difference between UK and Australian production systems

12 May 2021

UK trade with the EU remains depressed in the first quarter of 2021

13 April 2021

In this article, we look at what February trade data can tell us about the impact of EU Exit

29 March 2021

Following the UK's exit from the EU, we look at how the UK milling sector has been affected by Rules of Origin criteria.

18 March 2021

New analysis highlights the risks and the opportunities a new trade deal with the US may bring for UK food and farming

19 March 2021

Independent evidence-based analysis on a possible US/UK trade deal to cut through the speculation and answer the questions on the minds of UK producers, consumers and the wider agri-food sector.

17 March 2021

Summary of production and trade statistics for New Zealand

18 March 2021

Trade data shows that trade dropped dramatically in January

7 May 2021

This week, our senior strategic insight manager Sarah Baker takes a look at Defra’s recent announcement of a pilot scheme for its Sustainable Farming Incentive, one of three new schemes to encourage environmental land management as we transition from direct payments.

8 April 2021

How does the Budget 2021 affect agriculture?