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26 January 2021

Some 60% of our food, feed and drink exports in 2019 headed to the EU and it provided 70% of our imports.

31 December 2020

The UK’s exit from the European Union is now imminent and new rules on trade, business and travel will be coming into effect on 1 January 2021. AHDB’s chief strategy officer, Will Jackson, urges farmers and growers to consider five key areas and take action now to prepare for the changes ahead.

18 December 2020

In this week’s blog, our strategic insight team, Tom Forshaw and Sarah Baker, cut through the media hype around the impact of tariffs on food prices, exploring the relationship between commodity prices and what shoppers actually end up paying at the tills

17 December 2020

Food prices are influenced by a number of mechanisms, with tariffs being just one element to a complicated picture

4 January 2021

Join us and learn more about the market dynamics currently at play and how they will influence the UK’s Potato Industry in a post-Brexit world.

18 December 2020

As things stand, potatoes will face tariffs as goods pass through the regulatory and customs barrier of the Irish Sea, as well as additional phytosanitary regulations.

16 December 2020

Upon the 31 December 2020, the UK transition period for leaving the European Union (EU) will end, paving the way for new trading arrangements.

4 December 2020

In this article, we take a look at how the future of Scottish agricultural policy may look beyond the departure from the EU CAP.

18 December 2020

Information on what levy payers receive from MI, SI and CI teams

4 December 2020

This webinar focuses on the possible changes ahead in the way red meat exporters trade with the EU. You will also hear from key European competitors about how EU exit is affecting their domestic industries and what they are doing to prepare.

3 December 2020

We take a look at how EU exit could impact in key agricultural input costs.

3 December 2020

Current stability in the market value of milk hides risks to farmgate prices arising from the end of frictionless trade