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Introducing the soil health scorecard...

The soil health scorecard provides a framework to monitor soil health on a rotational basis.

The Excel-based tool uses soil analysis results for core soil health indicators and compares them to typical ranges for UK soil types and climate regions (benchmarks).

A completed scorecard automatically produces a 'traffic-light' snapshot of soil health to guide your management decisions.

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Further resources and information

Soil biology and soil health partnership This five-year programme of research and knowledge exchange increased understanding of agricultural soil biology, and developed a scorecard approach for routine monitoring of soil health on-farm.

Rotations research partnership This research programme aimed to help farmers, growers and agronomists optimise soil and water management decisions and plan environmentally and economically beneficial rotations.

Crop nutrient management Helping you make the most of organic materials and balance the benefits of fertiliser use against the costs – both economic and environmental.

The environment Resources to help you to make your business more productive and more profitable, while lowering your carbon emissions and impact on the environment.

The Environment page includes information about the team that manages soil activity at AHDB.