Food safety and traceability

26 September 2023

Stable Isotope Reference Analysis (SIRA) is used to verify whether pork products claiming to be British are truly British.

2 August 2023

Find out how our isotope testing project can be used to verify whether pork products are truly British

26 February 2024

From 13 December 2023, non-assured UK farmers will need to provide a declaration signed by a veterinarian for their products to be eligible for export to the EU.

16 December 2022

Understand the differences between CCIR and the Pig Health Scheme and learn how you can use them to optimise the health and welfare of your pigs.

1 August 2022

The Red Tractor deadline for submitting Q2 (April – June) antibiotic data for pigs is 11 August 2022.

24 June 2022

A digital passport could revolutionise the movement of grain.

29 April 2024

Blog outlining the detail of NZ-UK deal for ag products

29 April 2024

What you need to know right now about the UK-Australia FTA

7 December 2021

David Eudall discusses new research demystifying how trade assurance schemes operate and the costs involved

8 May 2024

Find out about assurance schemes and combinable crop imports.

5 November 2021

Beef and lamb farmer James Taylor joins us for a guest blog revealing his thoughts on how farmers and wider industry can take control and face up to the significant challenges posed by the current political and social operating environment.

29 April 2024

Tom Forshaw looks at the contentious issue of food standards in future trade deals and why media attention might be focusing on the wrong things.