25 March 2020

New report highlights export opportunities for red meat sector; Vietnam and Canada

24 March 2020

Canadian consumers are ethnically diverse which has a profound influence on the foods purchased and eaten. We discover what the opportunities are for British meat, dairy and potatoes.

8 June 2020

Vietnamese consumers have growing incomes and there is an increasing appetite for high-value imported foods. Food safety and health and wellness are priorities when choosing food.

16 March 2020

This report examines the relative costs of pig meat production up to farmgate level in selected countries (data relates to 2018).

11 March 2020

The EU trading situation with China has changed significantly over the past 18 months, in this report we address how this might affect our original analysis.

9 March 2020

Beef from the UK could soon be heading to America after government officials agreed the next step of an export deal worth around £66 million over the first five years.

26 February 2020

Quality beef, lamb and pork from the UK will be in the spotlight when AHDB exhibits at the Restaurants Canada Show this weekend.

27 February 2020

An inspection of the UK’s pork market by Mexican inspectors has been branded ‘positive’ by industry leaders – as ambitions to gain market access move a step closer.

30 January 2020

A study tour in the Netherlands allowed seed potato growers from the UK to see first-hand the developments of a competing nation.

23 July 2020

View indepth information on how to become an exporter of beef, lamb and pork and the market opportunities available

19 December 2019

Find out more about seed potato production in Great Britain.

29 November 2019

Trade disruptions dampen global growth, affecting UK consumer confidence