7 November 2019

Benchmarking our soils and businesses

27 September 2019

Replicated tramline trial at Strategic Cereal Farm West is looking at the impact of different cultivation strategies

18 November 2019

Assessing soil health using a scorecard approach

26 November 2019

Soil health and the soil health scorecard

13 September 2019

8 October 2019

Tour of SRUC’s Woodlands Field Long-Term Experiments

15 October 2019

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12 August 2019

The Soil management Information System (SMIS) applies big data approaches to provide best practice guidelines for sustainable soil management. SMIS collates and integrates soil management data and is part of the GREATsoils program

18 July 2019

Discuss soil health techniques with growers and researchers

24 June 2019

Discover how DNA markers can be used to determine how management affects soil microbial diversity.

19 June 2019

Our soil health scorecard can reveal the state of the land. This article explains how.

10 June 2019

The soil health scorecard brings together information about the chemical, physical and biological properties of soil.