14 August 2018

The earthworm count is a quick and easy soil testing method, plus it’s a great indicator of your soil structure and health.

9 September 2019

Growers are becoming increasingly interested in soil health and how it affects the success of their business. The information in this webinar will help growers to make changes to their soil

7 June 2019

AHDB believes that thriving, sustainable, highly productive business for UK farmers and growers and their supply chain partners delivers a lower environmental impact and goes hand-in-hand with valuing and enhancing the natural environment.

23 May 2019

Many farmers and growers are concerned about the health of their soils. They understand the importance of soil health for the productivity, sustainability and profitability of their business, but many face significant challenges when interpreting results from laboratory analysis or when choosing suitable methods for assessing the health of soils beyond the standard pH, phosphorus (P), potassium (K), magnesium (Mg) analysis.

2 August 2018

Sward MOT, Chris Duller 2013

5 July 2018

HGCA Farm Walks, March 2013 - The benefits of using compost

5 July 2018

HGCA Farm Walks, March 2013 - Understanding soil organic matter, Dr Andrew Whitmore

2 July 2018

How to assess soil compaction, select and operate different types of sub-soiler to loosen the soil efficiently

26 June 2018

Project 3: Molecular approaches for routine soil-borne disease and soil health assessment - establishing the scope

21 June 2018

Project 1: Translating existing knowledge of management effects on soil biology and soil health for practitioners

23 May 2019

Maintaining optimum soil pH values in all parts of the field is essential in order to maintain soil quality and health, crop quality and yield. This guidance document explains why soil pH is important and outlines the impact of soil type and texture on pH.

10 August 2018

This GREATsoils case study examines the importance of effective soil assessment methods for the production of carrot crops through the experiences of producers Fresh Growers Ltd. The case study reviews the benefits of Albrecht approach to soil assessment and the impact on nutrient management.