15 September 2021

A structured way to monitor soil health is being delivered by a five-year research programme.

18 March 2021

Dr Matt Back, Reader in plant Nematology at Harper Adams University delivers a Rhizoctonia masterclass, with an emphasis on management of soil borne pests.

4 March 2021

Understanding the importance of carbon in agricultural soils is paramount to meeting environmental goals.

2 March 2021

Understanding the impact of fertilisers and organic materials have on the carbon footprint of your farm is important both in environmental and financial terms.

1 March 2021

This webinar is for levy payers who want to understand more about the carbon cycle and where they fit into it.

16 December 2020

How to measure the size and activity of soil microbial biomass – a key indicator of soil health

11 November 2020

This webinar is part of Agri-Tech Week The Rotations Partnership is a collaboration between industry partners and four research organisations, looking at the impact of rotations on crop yields.

14 October 2020

This webinar will report on the latest findings to help you improve your soil health.

8 September 2020

Learn about the crop-friendly fungi focus of one our PhD studentship projects

20 August 2020

Extreme weather can quickly affect soil conditions and crops. During periods of drought or prolonged rainfall famers and growers often ask AHDB how they should be managing their soils.

15 June 2020

Seven new Monitor Farms join AHDB’s Farm Excellence programme this summer to improve business performance and share best practice.