25 February 2021

The most recent extension of authorisations for minor use secured for plant protection products

23 February 2021

New plant protection product authorisation secured following loss of oxamyl

22 February 2021

Joanna McTigue on our response to the closure of LTAEU to support growers of ornamental crops

23 February 2021

Vydate 10G will no longer be available to growers following an unsuccessful application for emergency authorisation

16 February 2021

How to estimate when gall mites will emerge on blackcurrants for improved IPM

23 February 2021

How we secure authorisations for plant protection products for UK horticulture

9 February 2021

The UK has found itself at the heart of a coordinated attack on CSFB

9 February 2021

An AHDB-funded PhD student is working on biological solutions to CSFB

4 February 2021

What would the removal of AHDB funding mean for horticulture scientific innovation? Professor Rosemary Collier, University of Warwick, offers her perspective

5 January 2021

How G's use and adopt AHDB-funded research and services

13 January 2021

We have moved our popular Agronomy Roadshows online this year so we can still let farmers in Scotland know about the latest crop research.

17 December 2020

Improving the performance of bioprotectants