9 December 2021

Our Strategic Cereal Farms put cutting-edge research and innovation into practice on commercial farms around the UK.

1 April 2021

Some farmers are looking at irrigation infrastructure and asking whether wetting wheat will pay.

17 November 2020

Hear about the cover ans catch crop trials at the Strategic Farms

14 December 2021

Guidance, webinars and training on potato production, crop protection and potato agronomy

21 September 2020

A video explaining how the Agronomists' Induction will work in 2020

30 November 2020

Agronomy Week will showcase the latest research and provide agronomists with practical management strategies to use across the rotation.

7 September 2020

This review includes information relating to the impacts of different irrigation application methods on yield and water use in salad (lettuce) production, including pressurised overhead irrigation (e.g. sprinklers, centre pivot), localised micro-irrigation (drip or trickle) and gravity fed surface (furrow) irrigation.

4 September 2020

This factsheet draws research, focusing on the irrigation requirements of onions on loamy sand and sandy loam soils, on which the majority of onion production is located.

4 September 2020

A soil water deficit in any crop means that irrigation at the appropriate time will be beneficial. Although originating from relatively dry Mediterranean regions and the Near East, vining peas are no exception. We consider the optimum timings for irrigating crops and the potential drawbacks of irrigation.

13 October 2021

A guide to methods of harvesting, treating and recycling water in soft fruit production

2 November 2021

Learn how to identify and manage bacterial diseases in protected ornamentals and bedding

28 September 2021

This guide provides a summary to create a baiting kit to detect Phytophthora or Phythium species in irrigation water, and instruction on how to use a lateral flow device