15 February 2019

Our new animation explains how to clean your pigs’ water system and what you need to think about when choosing organic acids

19 February 2019

Find out about the link between mineral levels, water system efficiency, and pig growth and health.

18 January 2019

This factsheet discusses how to provide adequate, good quality drinking water to pigs. It includes details on flow rates, drinker heights and drinker requirements.

21 December 2018

A ban on the outdoor use of metaldehyde slug pellets is to be introduced across Great Britain from spring 2020.

19 November 2018

This farm case study demonstrates the importance of sampling water on farm and the benefits that can be observed by carrying out a deep clean through shock dosing.

5 November 2018

This factsheet provides guidance on the assessment of water quality for pigs

5 November 2018

This factsheet explains how the mineral content of water can affect pig health and unit infrastructure

5 November 2018

This factsheet includes examples of water contaminants and their sources, as well as potential counter-measures to address the source of contamination

2 November 2018

Water is a limited resource and water use in agriculture is a global concern. A significant quantity of water is used to produce each kilo of meat, however farmers can help minimise this water footprint by reducing water use on farm. This document looks at the factors farmers should consider

10 January 2024

AHDB believes that thriving, sustainable, highly productive business for UK farmers and growers and their supply chain partners delivers a lower environmental impact and goes hand-in-hand with valuing and enhancing the natural environment.