9 December 2021

South Yorkshire pig club: join us as we invite Mark Jagger, a fieldsman with BQP to talk about the importance of providing adequate, fit-for-purpose water for your pigs.

11 August 2020

During this webinar, you will be taken on a journey to learn the basics of the slurry cooling system, discover benefits and industry reps that can help you, make a difference. Find out all the upcoming work we are doing.

7 October 2020

Use this information to optimise the indoor environment for your pigs through building design, systems and equipment.

2 February 2023

Useful advice to help livestock farmers, deal with, or plan for, water supply disruption.

5 October 2020

Avoid heat stress in sows during farrowing and lactation.

20 March 2024

Guidance on providing the correct quality and quantity of water to pigs

7 August 2020

It is vital to monitor water use in pig production for improved efficiency and cost control

7 August 2020

This section provides guidance on water system setup and maintenance, the importance and methods of maintaining water quality and how to avoid waste. It also explores water supply management.

29 May 2024

Guidance on the rules and regulations around water use on your farm

5 March 2024

Guidance on how to manage waste water and field drainage

30 January 2020

This factsheet takes you through the steps required to deep clean a farm drinking system.