Sprout Suppression

16 December 2020

Research has shown MH should be an integral part of a sprout suppression strategy.

19 December 2019

How did store managers at this year's agronomists conference see the future of store management?

10 January 2020

Cleaning now could be a vital step in preparing for any forthcoming CIPC tMRL in 2021

18 February 2020

Sprout suppression update including timelines on future options, costs and best practice

13 November 2019

Find out the key issues and what's in store at BP2019

17 December 2020

A volatile chemical emitted by potato tubers that naturally inhibits sprouting and induces tuber cells undergoing division to stay at a resting stage

17 March 2020

Orange oil has EU Annex 1 listing and is currently undergoing registration in Europe

8 November 2019

As we move towards the end of October, many of you have been reporting problems of a wet crop and various diseases during lifting and store loading.

29 July 2020

Brief information on the alternative products to popular sprout suppression active CIPC as it nears its withdrawal date

28 August 2020

Interim reports from the CIPC alternatives projects running from 2017 - 2021

22 October 2019

We're offering free one-to-one potato store visits via our new Storage Network, you can sign-up at BP2019

22 March 2021

Interim results after year two of our research project looking at alternative sprout suppressants for the processing sector in potatoes.