Sprout Suppression

17 December 2020

AHDB invests £500,000 every year in storage research. The programme not only focuses on sprout suppression but also quality and store environment, reflecting the need for an integrated approach to store management in the future.

17 December 2020

This project is assessing levels of CIPC contamination from UK stores, with a range of historical applications of CIPC to support this application.

17 December 2020

Who can use DMN? Why did the EAMU only cover some varieties? Who was consulted?

10 December 2020

Approval has been granted for controlled use of DMN on a limited number of varieties, pre nominated by member companies of the Potato Processors Association (PPA).

3 September 2020

Your checklist at harvest time to help make the 2020/21 storage season a successful one

19 August 2020

A well-sealed store will decrease your energy bills, and increase the efficiency on sprout suppressants like ethylene and spearmint oil

28 August 2020

Latest data on AHDB trials on potato variety dormancy

11 June 2020

Reducing CIPC levels for future crops could make the difference between having a saleable crop or not.

26 June 2020

Cleaning guidelines for reducing chlorpropham (CIPC) from potato stores and equipment

6 April 2020

The AHDB Potatoes board has launched research tenders for the future of storage research

1 June 2020

Read our list of FAQs on how to deal with storage challenges posed by the coronavirus crisis

4 February 2020

Businesses warned not to use CIPC at 2020 store loading