Profitable Lifetime Index £PLI

£PLI is a within breed genetic index for UK dairy farmers with all year round calving herds.

The index is an initial screening tool to identify bulls that meet a specific criteria. 

Use our Herd Genetic Report to identify traits to improve in your herd through breeding.

£PLI value represents the additional profit a high £PLI bull is expected to return from each of its milking daughters over her lifetime compared to an average bull of £0 PLI.

If you want to compare across breeds please contact the breed evaluation team for a conversion -

Download the £PLI factsheet Search for a bull by name or herdbook number

Why choose £PLI?

  • Promotes yield and maintains milk quality 
  • Increases emphasis on fertility 
  • Improves functional type - feet & legs and mammary 
  • Increases emphasis on longevity
  • Reduces maintainance costs
  • Improves udder health
  • Improves calving performance

Relative weighting of traits within £PLI

Four simple steps when selecting the right bulls for your breeding programme:

  1. Select £PLI bulls with a higher value than your best cow
  2. Select fitness traits to maintain your strengths and address herd weaknesses (Fertility, Lifespan etc)
  3. Match type to suit your herd
  4. Selected calving ease for maiden heifers

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