Strategic Farms provide platform for learning at launch events

Tuesday, 14 November 2023

Our three new Strategic Dairy Farms welcomed more than 120 farmers to launch events to learn more about their operations and goals over the coming years.

As well as a farm tour, the meetings provided a platform for farmers to share their experiences, participate in discussions and explore different approaches to common challenges.

Lydney Park Farms

Located in Gloucestershire, Lydney Park Farms was the first farm to be launched into the programme. Milking 850 Jersey X spring block-calving cows on a 32-point rotary has provided its own challenges for this successfully run farm.

More than 30 farmers turned up to hear about Lydney Park Farms, showing the strengths they already have, such as strong genetics and the efficient large-scale management of the farm.

The farm would like to become more focused, profitable and environmentally sustainable during the programme.

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Dillington Farms

Dillington Farms is a mixed enterprise farm that operates a successful dairy (Knott Oak Dairy) in Somerset. Hosting their event in late October, they were the second Strategic Dairy Farm to be launched.

They have 310 three-way crossed cows with a combination of genetics from Holsteins, Norwegian Reds, and Fleckviehs.

During their launch event, they gave a tour of the farm, showcasing the use of forage crops, the strengths of using robotics to milk, and the quality they have achieved from their multi-cut silage.

Ollie Blackburn, the farm manager said:

“While we feel that we may be doing things slightly differently from others, it is always good to be challenged in a positive way, and we can’t wait to share our experiences and learn from others.”

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Moorhouse Hall Farm

After only farming in Wigton, Cumbria, for one year, Moorhouse Hall Farm has become the third Strategic Dairy Farm to launch.

Their all-year-round herd is made up of 100 Holstein-Friesian cows, milking on a 20/20 herringbone system.

Their launch event in early November offered the Bailey family the chance to highlight the high animal welfare standards that they are already achieving in their cows and youngstock.

During the programme, Moorhouse Hall Farm would like to achieve a better work-life balance for the family and build upon all the things they are already doing.

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Further information

Farm Excellence: Dairy

Gavin Green at Lydney Park Farms talking about their Jersey X cows.

Ollie Blackburn at Dillington Farms talking about their robotic milking systems.

Panel discussion including Chris Bailey, farmer, and vet at Moorhouse Hall Farm.