SPP drops back

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

By Bethan Wilkins 

For the week ended 5 September, the GB EU-spec SPP fell to 161.11p/kg, down by over a penny on the previous week. The latest quote was nonetheless still 8p above 2019’s level for the same week. Deflated prices across the continent now seem to be influencing producer prices on the British market.

Prices for particularly light or heavy pigs were disproportionately affected, with price changes by weight band breaking down as follows. There was also a relatively large increase in the number of pigs over 105kg, though this remains a small part of the overall sample:

Weekly estimated slaughter totalled 186,100 head, higher than the previous week despite the bank holiday. Compared with the same week last year, throughput was also higher. Carcase weights reached 85.91kg, over 2kg higher than the same week in 2019.

The 7kg weaner market edged down to £41.58/head for the same week ending 5 September. This was down £1.18 on two weeks ago and was the lowest price since June. Producers still received over £2 more per pig compared with the same week in 2019 though. We would expect weaner prices to largely follow the finished pig market and recent declines in the SPP/APP may have contributed to the drop.

The GB EU-spec APP fell to 165.52p/kg in the week ended 29 August. The SPP fell by slightly less in the same week, so the gap between the two series narrowed to 3.14p. This is still a relatively large gap though; only four weeks this year have been wider so far.

Bethan Wilkins

Senior Analyst - Red Meat

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