New number one sires for Friesians and Jerseys

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

There are two new front-runners amongst the breeds other than Holstein in the Profitable Lifetime Index (£PLI) ranking, published today (13 Aug 2019) by AHDB Dairy.

The British Friesian breed’s new number one is Lakemead Jingle, whose PLI of £521 lifts him from fourth position. This high production son of Pinnacle also transmits good daughter fertility (+5.4) and lifespan (+0.4).

This rise shunts the former top three Friesians – Catlane Caleb, Beaufort Karactacus and Catlane Cromwell – down one position, with fifth place taken by newcomer, Beaufort Milkman (PLI £367).

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Jerseys also have a new front-runner, as Danish VJ Tudvad moves up from third position, with a PLI of £508. This high milk quality bull also stands ahead of his closest rivals for reduced cell counts and mastitis (-28 and -4) and improved daughter fertility (+9.2).

Danish VJ Link remains unchanged at number two, but shares this position with newcomer, Danish VJ Raastrup HIHL Gislev, both with a PLI of £482.

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There’s no change in the number one position for the red and whites, with VR Nivalan Fimbe Faabeli retaining his lead at PLI £644. Other leading Ayrshire sires have also all featured in the top five on previous occasions.

“These breeds are all appreciably smaller in number than the Holstein so we see new bulls appearing in the top rankings less frequently,” says Fern Pearston, genetics manager for AHDB Dairy. “However, on a positive front, they all have outcross bloodlines – even the British Friesians – when compared with the UK Holstein population, so all offer the scope for increasing hybrid vigour for those seeking a cross-breeding programme.”

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