Article: Introducing Rupinder Ashworth, Pork Sector Council member

Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Rupinder joined the Pork Council in 2020. She has over 25 years of experience developing and executing effective board-level commercial and brand strategies to aid business success and aims to offer her services to the Pork Council from a strategy and marketing point of view. Here, we share Rupinder’s background, her thoughts on the challenges facing the sector and why she joined the Pork Council.

Rupinder’s background

Rupinder enjoys working within collaborative and empowering teams, where leadership can thrive at all levels. She can set a ‘big picture’ strategy and provide realistic guidance on how to best use the available experiences to meet these goals.

As well as being on the Pork Council, she is a founding trustee of The Piece Hall Trust in Calderdale and a board member of British Weightlifting. She is also a proud member of the Northern Power Women — a collective that supports and mentors women in all occupations to accelerate gender diversity through collaborations and lobbying.

In her homelife, Rupinder is a novice weightlifter, avid foodie and a devoted mum and wife to children Hannah and Mikey, and husband Chris.

Joining the Pork Council

“I live in a farming community and while it is not pork, understanding how we rear, produce, and supply our food chain matters to me. As a parent, I care very much about the quality of food I put on the table. So, the security, supply, and democracy of food in Great Britain matters to me.

“I am proud to offer my services from a strategy and marketing point of view. Focusing on what consumers want, need, and have access to is key to developing the programs that fulfil AHDB's objectives of aiding growth for our farmers, suppliers, and everyone else in the food chain. This is especially important now as we enter a period of potentially prolonged recession and decreasing disposable incomes.

“Since joining the board, it has been great to see the level of diligence and evidence that goes into everything AHDB produces. The Pork Council members are knowledgeable and an absolute joy to work with.”

Challenges facing the pork sector

“One of the challenges the sector is facing is that of relevance and reach in a world that shouts about 'being greener and more sustainable' without providing the solutions to what that means in practical terms.

“I hope we can continue to provide the services that will help levy payers understand, evaluate, and grow their business.”

AHDB’s sector councils

Our sector councils are the voice of levy payers within AHDB, and they ensure we deliver the services that really matter to farm businesses. The councils are responsible for proposing what work needs to be conducted on behalf of levy payers and making funding decisions about what we deliver.

Each council member is ratified by levy payers and will serve for a term of three years, with a maximum of two terms.

Image of staff member Rupinder Ashworth

Rupinder Ashworth

Pork Sector Council Member (Independent)

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