High production Jerseys reshuffle £PLI ranking

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

The Jersey breed £PLI ranking has long been dominated by Danish sires, but in this month’s ranking from AHDB Dairy, two newcomers from North America have entered the running. The highest ranking bull, CDF Irwin Steve, weighs in with a Profitable Lifetime Index of £549 and massive production Predicted Transmitting Abilities (PTAs). This includes 526kg milk, 48.3kg fat and 24kg protein (0.33% fat, 0.08% protein). This is far ahead of his Scandinavian cohorts, although he is slightly below breed average for daughter fertility. However, he is the top improver of udder conformation in the top five.

Danish VJ Link, which had held the number one position now takes second place. His PLI of £522 reflects his daughters’ solid production and excellent fertility (FI +9.2) and fitness, including -21 SCC Index and -3 for mastitis. His Lifespan Index (LS) is equal best in the top five and he also transmits the best legs and feet (+1.6).

Third ranking Danish VJ Tudvad retains his previous position, featuring outstanding components, particularly percentage fat (+0.35%), and the best udder health (SCC -28, Mast -4) and Fertility Index (FI +9.9) in the top five. His PLI is £515.

CDF Trajectory is the second newcomer, and the second in the new wave of high production Jerseys to make the running. With 796kg milk, 41.7kg fat and 32kg protein he is streets ahead of other Jerseys for production although won’t improve cell counts, mastitis or fertility. His PLI is £494.

Danish VJ Zummit retains his fifth position with a PLI of £462 built on good daughter fertility and cell counts and positive milk components.

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British Friesian

Unchanged in the British Friesian ranking is Catlane Caleb who continues to show good daughter fertility (FI +7.1) and milk solids and earns a PLI of £477. He now stands ahead of newcomer, Beaufort Karactacus (PLI £473). This son of Morcourt Hilton has the highest production amongst the top five Friesians (473kg milk, 20.6kg fat and 17.7kg protein) while also improving cell counts and mastitis (-6 SCC, -3 Mast).

Dropping from second to third is Catlane Cromwell with a PLI of £463 ahead of newcomer in fourth position, Lakemead Jingle. This Lakemead Pinnacle son’s PLI of £457 reflects his transmission of very good production solids (11.4kg Fat, 14.2kg Protein) and health across the board, in particular, +7.8 for Fertility Index, the best in the top five.

Down one place to number five is Skyhigh Lord, the best SCC improver in the top five (-13), who earns a PLI of £354.

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The top five in the Ayrshire breed represent a reshuffle of the December index places with the same bulls featured.

Unchanged at number one is VR Nivalan Fimbe Faabeli with a PLI of £561 and retaining his position at number two is VR Gunnarstorp Backen Gobel (PLI £507), the best mastitis and fertility improver amongst the top five.

Moving from fifth to third is Rosehill Manderville, the highest PTA fat kg bull amongst the top five red and whites at 29.2kg. This, together with good health and fitness, contributes to his PLI of £496.

Staying in fourth position is Pell Pers (PLI £489), the biggest improver of cell counts in the top five, while the red and whites are rounded off with VR Kuusian Valpas Vimpula. With a PLI of £486, he is the highest milk production bull in the Ayrshire top five.

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