Grow more - Graze more - Earn more workshops

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Join us at any of our touring workshops throughout July focusing on how to use your own grass growth data to help you create an autumn grazing plan to ensure the best possible start to the 2020 grazing season.

Your pasture management this autumn will determine grass availability, quality and intakes next year. Since every extra tonne of grass grazed increases profit by £334 per hectare, can you afford not to be ready?

Complete your own written grazing plan with the help of a Pasture to Profit consultant.

Topics will include:

  • Target autumn grass covers – to build cover, or not?
  • Flat or steep wedge? And its impact on 2020 season
  • Optimising production by maximising grazing

Dates and venues (click for details and to book):

31 July - Cornwall

31 July - Denbighshire

31 July - Lancashire

Meetings are aimed at anyone actively involved in rotational paddock grazing management. Attendees are asked to bring their current grass growth rates and an average of their previous 3-5 years Autumn growth rates (1st August until close). If you don’t have these Forage for Knowledge data will be used.

Support after the meeting will be provided via a WhatsApp group with AHDB’s Forage & Grassland Dairy Scientist; Siwan Howatson.