Farm to Fork events this summer

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Join us for a number of farm to fork events across the country this summer looking at beef and sheep selection.

Run by AHDB & MLC Services Ltd, they allow you to handle live animals and make your assessment of fat cover and conformation using the EUROP grid. You will then see the same animals on the hook in the chillers and the actual classification so you can compare the assessments made while the animals were alive.

There will be plenty of opportunity to discuss various market requirements, factors affecting killing out percentages and dressing specifications.

Other topics include:

  • Current consumer demands
  • Characteristics of breeds
  • Abattoir/Livestock Market requirements
  • Hygiene requirements – farm and abattoir

Discussion with the trainers and other participants will give you a greater insight into these areas. On the day you must bring CLEAN wellingtons and something warm for the chillers. You MUST also bring some form of ID, ie. driving licence or passport.

Book today:


9 July - Cornwall

11 July - Kenilworth