Deadweight prime prices edge higher still, cows prices drag

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Following on from last week’s near 2p rise, the GB overall prime deadweight cattle price increased again in the week ending 14 November. The measure averaged 372.5p/kg, a rise of more than 3p on the week, and is approaching the highs seen at the end of August.

Estimated prime throughput at British abattoirs totalled 32,920 head for the week, just 175 head more than the week before. Despite a second weekly rise, AHDB figures show that prime throughput continues to run below year’s number.

We are now in the third week of our second national lockdown. Reports indicate demand is steady, without the carcase balance issues experienced last time around. It appears that UK consumers have seen the food supply chain work, and have taken a more measured approach to their shopping.



Cull cow prices continued their downwards path, with the overall price shedding 6.5p on the week to average 223.0p/kg. Despite the fall, the average is still a remarkable 24.5p higher than where it was a year ago, although that gap narrowed. Estimated cull cow throughput at British abattoirs was stable on a week ago, at 13,140 head.

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