Beef calf registrations higher in 2020

Thursday, 5 November 2020

1.47 million beef calves have been registered in Great Britain so far in 2020 (up to August), according to data from the British Cattle Movement Service. This is an increase of 19,000 head (+1%) compared to the same point in 2019.


The most common six breeds, all beef crosses, many from the dairy herd, have remained little changed over the past decade. Together, they have made up a remarkably consistent 73% of all beef calf registrations each year since 2011.


Notable among the six most numerous however, are the changes between them over that time. A rise in numbers of native breeds, and British Blue cross calves, have displaced some of the once more common continental breeds. Aberdeen Angus crosses (AAX) have made up 19% of registrations in 2020 so far, compared with only 11% in 2011. Of the 222,000 AAX calves born in the first six months of the year, nearly 90,000 were to dairy dams.





Duncan Wyatt

Lead Analyst - Red Meat

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