Autumn calvers have new choice of profit-driving sires

Tuesday, 10 August 2021

As autumn approaches, the increasing number of producers in the thick of calving at this time of year will be seeking suitable sires, and can turn their attention to the latest genetic evaluations, ranked on Autumn Calving Index (£ACI).

Leading the way in the August release for this across-breed ranking is Stowey Magician (ACI £645). A Holstein sire with strong health credentials (HealthyCow £290), he has one of the highest daughter Fertility Indexes of the breed.

Protein transmitter, Westcoast Yamaska takes second position (ACI £639), ahead of lifespan improver, ABS Outback ranked third (ACI £626).

Fourth position is shared by VH Bosman Bahrain and the higher daughter fertility transmitter, Progenesis Unicorn, both of which are Holstein bulls with ACIs of £612.

See the full list of available daughter proven bulls ranked by £ACI

Spring Calving Index

For those looking further ahead there are new bulls in the offing, ranked on Spring Calving Index (£SCI), any of which could suit grazing based herds which block calve early next year.

Just like £ACI, the £SCI is expressed on an across-breed basis for those wishing to compare the strengths and weaknesses of bulls from different breeds.

New number one in the £SCI ranking is Progenesis Unicorn (£SCI 466). He is closely followed by Stowey Magician (£SCI 457), ahead of VH Balisto Brixton (£SCI 450), ranked third. ABS Outback makes his debut in fourth position, (£SCI 439), while completing the top five is the British Friesian sire, Catlane Caleb with the best Fertility Index of the top sires.

See the full list of available bulls ranked by £SCI

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