Article: Introducing Robin Thompson, Pork Sector Council Member

Tuesday, 20 September 2022

Robin is one of the owners and Managing Director of Bridge House Farm Ltd., a family farming business producing crops and breeding pigs from 2,500 acres in Northamptonshire. He has been on the Pork Council for two years.

Below, we share Robin’s background, his thoughts on some of the challenges facing the sector and why he wanted to join AHDB’s Pork Council.

Robin's background

The pig side of Bridge House Farm Ltd. is a genetic nucleus for Genesus Inc., a Canadian swine genetics business, and supplies customers worldwide. Genesus Inc. is the world’s largest independent producer of high-health registered, purebred swine in the world.

Robin is also the vice chairman of Thames Valley Cambac Ltd., which is the largest pig marketing group in the UK, handling around 70,000 pigs a week on behalf of its 100 farmer members.

A former chair of governors of a land-based college, he also has a keen interest in education.

Joining the Pork Council

“Until recently, my time on the Council was affected by the pandemic, but it’s been great to meet up in person with the other members over the last few months.

“I joined the Pork Sector Council because I wanted to understand how AHDB influenced the industry and I see being part of the Council as an opportunity to influence the future.

“Things are changing rapidly within the AHDB, which I hope will lead to improving outcomes for levy payers.

“I am particularly interested in developing a sustainable market for UK pork. I have spent my career as a producer working with breeding companies on genetic progress, practical selection and breeding stock exports.”

Challenges facing the pork sector

“I think the biggest challenge facing the pork sector at the moment is the profitability of primary producers. I hope to assist the Pork Sector Council in making appropriate decisions and ensure that AHDB is addressing the most challenging issues, such as profitability.”

AHDB’s sector councils

AHDB’s sector councils are the voice of levy payers within AHDB. The councils are responsible for proposing the work that needs to be done on behalf of levy payers and making funding decisions about what we deliver.

Each council member must be ratified by levy payers and will serve for a term of three years, with a maximum of two terms.

Meet the other members of the Pork Council

Image of staff member Robin Thompson

Robin Thompson

Pork Sector Council Member (Producer)

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